It happens twice a year in Manhattan Beach, once in January and once in November.

The sun sets smack in the center of the glass and stainless steel Light Gate sculpture at the top of 14th Street between City Hall and the library.

If you're an experienced shutterbug, you get there early with a tripod to reserve a spot. If not, well, you're elbowing your way for that Instagram worthy perfect shot.

This January's event occurred Sunday at 5:19 p.m. and nearly 60 residents turned out. They watched as the sun dipped towards the horizon and the Harries Heder’s Light Gate once again fulfilled its purpose: to celebrate the ocean, the sun and a community gathered to watch the melding of nature and art.

Light Gate was commissioned in 2012 to mark Manhattan Beach's centennial and was dedicated Feb. 25, 2015. Public artist team Mags Harries and Lajos Heder collaborated to create the glass orb with prismatic lighting film to have "practical use as well as strong metaphoric significance."

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