The Carter family, including (from left) Caroline, Tracey, Carter, Colby and Kevin. (Photo courtesy of Tracey Carter)

Carter Daley was just about to turn eight years old when he awoke from a nap with a strange lump on his chest.

The Manhattan Beach native and video game lover was diagnosed with a Wilms Tumor, a type of kidney cancer affecting 500 to 600 children per year in the United States, according to the American Cancer Society.

Daley was in and out of hospital for chemotherapy, surgeries and other forms of treatment for two years. 

“I always just had to keep my mind off of it…,” Daley recollected. “Like whenever I was getting a shot or if I was getting a flush...I like gaming because throughout all my treatments...videogames and watching videogames helped me get through it.”

Now 15 and healthy, Daley is pairing up with an organization called Game Changer—a nonprofit dedicated to enriching the lives of children facing illness through technology and gaming—to give back to fellow pediatric cancer survivors with the Three Club Challenge.

The event, set for Oct. 27, 2019 at the Lakes at El Segundo golf course, will combine a golf challenge with a Mario Kart tournament.

For a registration fee of $30, participants over the age of 16 will have the chance to play nine holes using three clubs at the course. There will also be a Top Golf style driving contest and a putting contest.

All proceeds will be donated to Gamers Beat Cancer, a partnership between the American Cancer Society and Game Changer. 

To date, Game Changer has visited more than 200 hospitals and provided more than $30 million in gifts and scholarships to young people facing cancer. 

The Daley family is hoping the event will make an impact.

“I think really, as we talked about it as a family—the overriding theme that we all had was is kids deal with cancer today as much as adults did a generation ago,” said Tracey Daley, Carter’s mother, who also survived a cancer diagnosis the same year as her son. “I think it’s just a part of everyone’s world now unfortunately.”

“So we wanted to put together an event where it could be  created by kids, inspired by kids to support kids,” she added, noting the main goal of the Three Club Challenge is to both to fundraise as well as raise awareness of those struggling with childhood cancers. "The money will be going to support the technology and the gaming but it will also be going to research."

For Carter, who has participated in other gaming tournaments to help raise money for Game Changer, the event is a chance to give back and help share the healing power of gaming with others such as himself. 

“I always like had a positive attitude (going through treatment,)” Carter explained, noting that watching streams of and communicating with other gamers helped him through treatment.  “Like I knew there’d be a light at the end of the I wanted to find something to help and give back to the people who helped me.”

He also hopes to help find a cure for childhood cancers through the charity effort, Carter added.

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