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At the RBUSD check presentation were (front row, from left) Janet Redella, RBUSD Assistant Superintendent Administrative Services; David Witkin, RBUSD Board President, Dr. Annette Alpern, RBUSD Deputy Superintendent Educational Services; Anita Avrick, RBUSD Board Vice President; Hanh Archer, RBEF President. Back row: Dr. Steven Keller, RBUSD Superintendent; Brad Waller, RBUSD Board member; Brad Serkin, RBUSD Board Member, Michael Christensen, RBUSD Board Member, Raymur Flinn, RBEF Executive Director, Matthew Carrier, RBEF Treasurer, Sharon Day, RBEF Board Member; Dr. Tom Stekol, RBUSD Assistant Superintendent HR.

The Redondo Beach Educational Foundation presented RBUSD School Board President David Witkin with the foundation's largest grant to date: a check for $1,011,000.

The money will be used to supplement decreasing state funds for staff and instructional programs in all RBUSD schools, according to a press release.

“State funding alone does not provide enough resources for our school district to afford all the programs and staff that we believe are essential for our students to compete and be successful in a global society,” said Witkin. “We could not be more proud of our partnership with the Redondo Beach Educational Foundation and our community for their generous contributions to our kids’ education.”

Each year, RBUSD identifies the specific needs that can’t be met by state funding and makes that request directly to RBEF, according to the release. That becomes the RBEF's fundraising goal that also includes initiatives such as its Annual Investor Drive, Skechers Pier to Pier Friendship Walk, a golf Tournament and a spring gala.

“RBUSD provides our students and staff the ‘value added’ piece to the learning puzzle. With the state’s decline in public education funding, it’s RBEF that has come to our rescue,” said Dr. Steven Keller, Superintendent, RBUSD. “Without RBEF’s influence and financial resources, RBUSD would not be able to meet the growing needs of our students and staff.”

The foundation's support will provide everything from credentialed elementary school teachers to field trips for middle school students to technical career classes for high schoolers, according to the release.

“We could not be more pleased with the amount of money our community raised this past year,” said Hanh Archer, President, RBEF. “With this year’s enrollment set to exceed 10,000 students, it will be even more critical that RBEF keep up the momentum in our fundraising efforts.”

The school year kicks off on Wednesday, Aug. 29, with the Annual Investor Drive starting on Tuesday, Sept. 4. RBEF suggests a $250 per student investment from school families and encourages participation in RBEF annual fundraising events.

For more information, visit rbef.org.

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