For the first time in its history, Manhattan Beach now has a city logo and you’ll be able to buy merchandise featuring it at city hall starting August 5. 

The design, which officials approved earlier this year, features the iconic pier silhouetted against an orange sky with blue waves beneath, all in a circle flanked with “Manhattan Beach since 1912.” 

The logo does not replace the official city seal—the triangle of sun, sand and sea within a blue circle—which the city has used since 1961. 

As most city departments were using a variety of emblems, the new logo eliminates that inconsistency and generates a buzz around a new visual identity of Manhattan Beach, according to staffers. 

“The goal was to create some consistency among all of the departments and among all of the city, as well as to develop civic pride in the community,” said Jessica Vincent, a recreation services manager who spearheaded the project to create and implement the logo.

Hats, t-shirts, hoodies and more ranging from $7 to $40 will be available for purchase at the city hall pop-up shop, she said. 

For now the items will only be sold on-site during regular civic hall hours, but the city may look to partner with local retailers in the future to offer the merchandise elsewhere as well as online, Vincent added. 

Councilmember Richard Montgomery said sales of the items will benefit the city, but are not the main purpose of the logo, which will also be used at events.

“We’ll get some revenue from it, but that’s not the driver here," explained Montgomery. "It was to refresh and rebrand with a new, exciting logo and get the word out.” 

The new logo was designed with the help of an in-house design team and subcommittee, which included Councilmember Steve Napolitano and former Councilmember Amy Howorth, along with representatives from each department. 

“We wanted to create a balanced, family-friendly logo paying homage to our past,” Vincent said. “This is what we thought meets the needs of the community.”

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