lightbar of an emergency police car

Grand View School's shelter-in-place has been lifted and a female has been placed in custody after searching the area of 28th Street and Vista Drive in Manhattan Beach, according to police.

A male suspect has not been located, but police say it is safe to return to the area as they are continuing to patrol there.

According to Sergeant Tim Zins, early on May 16, police recovered a stolen vehicle in the area. They were also alerted to two suspects who they believe may have stolen the car and may have been in the Manhattan Beach neighborhood to commit burglary, according to Zins.

The day before, May 15, Zins said there were at least three burglaries in the area. 

The nearby elementary school was placed on lock down out of an abundance of caution said Zins.

"We would rather err on the side of the children," said Zins. "We couldn't know who these people are, if they're carrying weapons ... that's why we decided to lock down the school," noting that every situation is different.

Zins added the term lock down is often used interchangeably with shelter-in-place, but people sometimes associate lock down with an active shooter.

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