For such a small town, Hermosa Beach has an eclectic culture and vibrant history, from groundbreaking punk and jazz music to surfing and volleyball. When Leadership Hermosa Beach's class of 2019 was coming up with a project idea, they turned to history and developed a walking tour app that spotlights what makes Hermosa, Hermosa.

Project manager Nicole Burke, who was born and raised in Hermosa Beach, said the challenge of developing the app called “Discover Hermosa” was what categories the group could focus on. Two walking tours are available, “Historic Landmarks” and “Art, Music & Culture.”

“There's so many things you can talk about in Hermosa Beach... where do you start? What do you want to cover? What are people interested in? What are the people in our class personally interested in? That was a big deal,” Burke said.

Burke said the original plan was that the class was going to build their own historic walking tour app, but they soon realized that was too time consuming. So they turned to izi.TRAVEL, which contains audio guides for walking tours, photos and other historical information.

“You can go to different locations on the map and you can see how it used to be... there's video, there's audio, there's pictures to correlate (what makes) Hermosa, Hermosa,” said Leadership Hermosa Beach member Jessie Sell.

Leadership Hermosa Beach's mission is to “educate, train, and connect leaders for the betterment of our community.” While Burke has lived in Hermosa Beach her whole life, Sell moved from Scottsdale nearly five years ago. Sell says the membership includes “like minded professionals from all walks of life.”

“You take from it what you put into it,” Sell said about the leadership program. “I think it has been an amazing experience personally and professionally. I went in wanting to support local business and I came out learning so much about how the city works.”

The group hopes that the app could make into the school system where it could be used as a field trip so students can learn about their community. They also hope future Leadership Hermosa Beach classes, which happen yearly with new members, can build on their work.

“We're hoping that eventually if we hand it over to them, the alumni will keep it going, the organization as a whole,” Burke said. “We have pamphlets we've printed out. We're hoping to put it in the chamber of commerce, local hotels... maybe the city website.”

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