Bringing young people together to have conversations about how to find peace in their lives and spreading that to their families and to the world is the focus of Good World Power of Peace, which takes place for the second year in Hermosa Beach, on Saturday, May 18.

“The mission is building peace,” said founder and Hermosa Beach resident Amanda Hunter.

The event, which moves from South Park last year to the Hermosa Beach Pier, begins from 10 a.m. to noon with a series of talks about 12 different topics in three tents that focus on everything from mental health to government.

Each tent will have a host for the topics including champion surfer Alex Gray, who will talk about “power of peace found in sports,” and teenager Yua Wantanbe, who will talk about teenagers and mental health.

“This is her passion, mission in life,” said Hunter about Wantanbe.

Another goal of the event is to get Millennials and Gen Z's , which account for 100 million Americans, to get out and register to vote.

“We don't have any political affiliation or religious motivations,” Hunter said. “We would love to encourage them to vote their voice... if they become motivated to make change in America, it will happen.”

To encourage personal interaction, no cell phones will be allowed to be turned on or used during the 20 to 30 minutes conversation in the tents. The conversations will be recorded and shared on GWPOP's YouTube channel to share topics that are not “often discussed in casual conversation.”

“It's a safe place, no censorship, no judgment,” Hunter said. “The main thing is to get these conversations going.”

GWPOP also features live music by Good Vibe, Alice Quinn, V Torres, The Hollow Legs, Kevin Sousa and Jeremy Buck in the afternoon, as well as art, yoga and food.

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