There will be a new kind of booth at Art Walk, to be held this weekend at the Hermosa Beach Community Center.

On Saturday, June 9, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., representatives from Republic Services, Grades of Green and Trash for Teaching will host an interactive art booth for kids and families. The South Bay high school Green Project team will also be on hand to help out.

"We're featuring a huge arts and crafts initiative meant to revolutionize the way the community considers reduce, reuse and recycle behavior," said Vanessa Mapula of Republic Services, the city's contracted trash hauler. "Students will have an opportunity to engineer their own art, all made out of reusable materials that are here from the community."

The booth will consist of materials such as wood chips, plastic lids, petrie dishes, pen clips, cardboard cones, bows and ribbons and fabric scraps that children and their families can use to construct and engineer art projects.

Trash for Teaching collects the materials from local businesses and manufacturers, including American Apparel and Northrup Grummon. They are generally products diverted from assembly lines or unusable scraps that are then picked up by Republic Services and delivered to Trash for Teaching.

From there, the products make it out to the schools, where children learn about science, technology and engineering through hands-on lessons in construction with reduced, reused and recycled materials. NASA designed the Trash for Teaching system that goes into the schools.

Mapula said that when kids see the art booths, they are likely to spend hours putting pieces together and testing the materials.

"The kids have so much fun. Usually adults need more explanation - they need to get navigated through, but the kids just run with it and really kind of get it. They guide their parents and they figure out how to erect these things," said Mapula.

The Art Walk booth will bring together two programs focused on waste - the Trash for Teaching project and the anti-litter poster campaign sponsored by Grades of Green.

The 10 winning posters from April's anti-litter poster contest will serve as the backdrop for the interactive booth.

Mapula said that she is excited to debut the program in Hermosa Beach, and bring the concepts of the two organizations together at the booth. It's the right community for such green lessons.

"The kids here in Hermosa have such an appreciation for the environment and the beach and preservation of our natural resources. It's just amazing. It's like breathing for them, I think," said Mapula.

She thinks this will be just the right project for kids to translate that passion for the environment back to the arts and sciences.

"It makes me so happy, because it's not your typical reduce, reuse, recycle thing. It really is purposeful, educational, and it's really well-rounded and interactive," said Mapula.

The ultimate goal of Republic Services and Trash for Teaching is to host block parties in and around Hermosa Beach where families could get out of the house and meet on the street to build as a community.

Art Walk will be held on the lawn at of the Hermosa Beach Community Center at Pacific Coast Highway and Pier Avenue. The event is runs this weekend, June 9 and 10, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days.

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