When temperatures inside a classroom at Adams Middle School reached more than 100 degrees on Tuesday, student Clio Philp said she couldn't wait to get out of class. The only thing on her mind was the beach, she said. 

Beating the heat was a top priority among many people throughout the South Bay on Tuesday which experienced sweltering conditions in the upper 90s with almost zero wind for a second-straight day. 

While triple digit temperatures in the greater Los Angeles area broke multiple heat records, it's unclear yet whether this week's October heat wave actually shattered South Bay records.

In Hermosa Beach, for instance, the record temp for Oct. 24 was set in 1965 at 99 degrees. Temperatures in Hermosa likely met this level on Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service. In case you were wondering, the record low was set in 1935 at 39 degrees, according to Weather.com.

In Rancho Palos Verdes, the high temperatures sparked a brush fire that erupted briefly near City Hall and was quickly doused by fire fighters. 

For Stephen Philp, who took off work a little early on Tuesday to bring his daughter Clio and son Brian to the beach in Hermosa, dipping into the Pacific Ocean meant cool relief.

"It feels like a ghost town down here, like it should be summer time, but nobody's down here," Stephen Philp said. "I just feel blessed we're not inland."

According to the National Weather Service at least nine triple digit heat records were broken in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. At LAX, temperatures reached 104 degrees on Tuesday.

For Jose Rosales and Miranda Johnson, who were boat shopping on Tuesday with young Rosalind, an outdoor shower in King Harbor Marina was a welcomed sight. 

"You can't tell it's in the 90s right now," said Johnson after dousing herself.

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