Season 4 trailer of “Veronica Mars” was launched today and Hermosa Beach has its moment in the sun.

Hermosa Beach was turned into the fictional town of Neptune, Calif. with an eight-episode revival of the cult classic "Veronica Mars," which premieres on Hulu on July 26.

Producers were happy with their experience filming in the South Bay, mostly at the Sea Sprite Hotel at 10th Street and the Strand and near the Hermosa Beach Pier, when they talked to the Beach Reporter in February.

“Generally speaking it’s been a terrific experience,” said executive producer Dan Etheridge, who was producer on the original series as well as the film.

The mystery series about an American teen turned detective became popular with 64 episodes over three seasons from 2004 to 2007 on the UPN and CW networks.

After the series was cancelled, writer Rob Thomas and star Kirsten Bell raised nearly $6 million in less than a day on Kickstarter to fund a feature film.

The March 2014 film was a hit with critics and grossed nearly $3.5 million in limited release in box office worldwide.

“The old-school Sea Sprite motel has been a great home to us, essentially playing a version of itself as a Spring Break headquarters in our fictional Neptune, Calif.," said Etheridge.

"With that location as a home base, we have been able to also use many other terrific locations down there, including restaurants, parks, and, of course, the beach and Strand.”

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