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Monique Ehsan recently announced her resignation from the Hermosa Beach City School Board to relocate to Boston with her family.

Ehsan was elected to the school board in 2015. Her original term would have ended in December 2019, but it was extended one year after the school district voted to comply with state law SB415.

The board will determine at its June 12 meeting whether to appoint a replacement or hold a special election, according to Superintendent Pat Escalante.

Ehsan is no stranger to Boston. She lived there eight years before moving to California 10 years ago. Now her family is moving back because of her husband's new position with his company.

“I'll miss a lot of things about Hermosa, but I'm not on uncharted waters,” Ehsan said.

Ehsan said the school district will always face the challenges of finding funding, especially with the state's “poor record of funding public education.”

“We'll always be trying to maintain our level of excellence,” Ehsan said.

During her campaign and as she leaves Hermosa Beach, Ehsan said her mantra is “schools are the heart of the community.”

“Schools attract families and families are vigilant neighbors, they shop locally and they participate civically,” Ehsan said. “That's what every town needs.”

In a statement on the school district's Facebook page, officials thanked Ehsan for her years of service and support and “she will be missed.”

“Ms. Ehsan was in many ways the emotional soul of the school board during her tenure,” it read. “She always thought about the public first, never shied away from asking the tough questions, and clearly put her heart into her work for the district.”

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