Sink into a plush floor cushion, sip a gourmet herbal tea and focus on your breath as you drift into a place of serenity.

Welcome to Rooted Beings, a guided meditation community new to Manhattan Beach.

Rooted Founders Erica Galia and Chelsey Scaffidi want to take the stigma out of meditation. You don't have to be a certain type of person or have the perfect circumstances to meditate.

But, you might need some help developing your "meditation muscle," said Scaffidi, a corporate attorney for a nonprofit organization who is also a certified yoga instructor.

Meditation is about more than just "getting thoughts to stop," said Scaffidi, who added that people need a way have a self-check-in and a way to feel balanced.

She and Galia want Rooted to be a place busy professionals can "come and feel grounded" with modern meditation. 

Rooted Beings classes are meant to help you connect with inner peace using lessons from nature. Classes are named The Seed, Plant Yourself, Keep Growing, Remember Your Root, Bend Like A Branch and Light As A Leaf.

Galia and Scaffidi hope Rooted Beings becomes a one-stop community space.

The concept for the meditation space came from the founders' need to find stillness amidst demanding professions, according to Galia.

She and Scaffidi, who met at Michigan State and both relocated to the South Bay with their significant others, experienced what Galia termed ‘burnout’ with their careers.

“It was a very work hard, play hard environment,” Galia explained, noting she had hit a wall in the advertising industry.

Scaffidi, who was working at a law firm, was having similar issues with feeling overwhelmed.

“I was surrounded by people who were really hard-working but fed off this energy of not having balance and really putting work before everything else,” said Scaffidi. “I found myself longing for something more than that.”

The two reconnected in 2016. They both ate well and practiced yoga, putting a priority on physical health. But, they also needed a way to prioritize mental health.

“We needed to take care of our minds and our mental health,” Galia said.

Instead of making a 45 minute drive in LA traffic, defeating the whole purpose of mindfulness, the pair created a space here in the South Bay.

“It would be great to have somewhere where you can come, do a meditation," said Scaffidi. "....we want to be able to offer kombucha on tap or some food or beverages or different amenities like salt rooms.”

A portion of Rooted’s proceeds benefit nonprofits such as the Thirst Project, helping to supply clean drinking water around the world.

Rooted Beings is based out of the Well Fitness Studio at 815 Manhattan Ave. in Manhattan Beach. 

The six core meditation classes are 30 to 45 minute and take place Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and every other Saturday at varying times. Clients can participate for $24 on a drop-in basis or with one of Rooted’s class packages or memberships, ranging from $24 to $1,500. 

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