Manhattan Beach native Ryan Siegelman is going to the dogs.

As the owner of Down Dog Lodge Daycare and Boarding in El Segundo, the 26 year old said he wants to make a positive impact on his community—on his own terms. To do so, he started Down Dog Lodge, and found exactly the connection to the South Bay that he was after.

Along with serving the community, part of his impetus to start the business was his own canine friend.

“My Portuguese Water Dog, Buster, is one of the cuddliest, 100-pound lap dogs you've ever seen," said Siegleman. "No space on the couch is too small for Busty to squeeze his way into."

And Busty is actually the model for DDL’s logo.

"I'm still paying him royalties to this day,” Siegelman joked.

Down Dog Lodge opened in December 2017. This is the Mira Costa High School and University of Arizona alum's first business endeavor.

“I really couldn't imagine anything else that could capture me the way that this has.”

The staff is all passionate about their work, he noted.

“While our business is clearly centered around dogs, we believe that the owner is an equally important piece to the puzzle… the vibe of our facility is what really sets us apart from the pack.”

Siegelman said his company gets a lot of repeat business because customers know they’ve “found a reliable spot they can trust again and again. It's a great feeling to see dogs rushing out of cars and through the front door because they can’t wait to come play, or to see clients post on social media about their sleeping pups after boarding for the weekend.”

The full-service facility offers daycare, boarding, bathing and grooming.

“We’ve crafted an environment where you’ll feel the love the second you step through our front door,” said Siegelman.

Customer service is the key to their success, Siegelman said.

“Our goal is to make the entire experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible from the moment you enter to the moment you leave.”

Down Dog Lodge requires all potential clients to pass a two-part temperament test; it’s designed to determine a mutual fit between the testing dog and the company’s open-cage environment. Dogs must be in good health, more than 4-months-old, and two weeks past spay/neuter, plus have current vaccinations.

Down Dog Lodge is gaining in popularity, Siegelman said.

“We pride ourselves in serving the DDL community in every possible way, treating each client like family.”

Siegelman is excited to see what the business will be like in 6-18 months.

“For now, there’s a lot of great things on our plate; we will continue to improve our work space, modernize our process, build meaningful relationships within our client base, and provide quality experiences to everyone who’s joined the DDL family.”

Down Dog Lodge is located at 1501 E. El Segundo Blvd. in El Segundo. Visit for more information.

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