Redondo Beach package thieves

Richard Aleman, 24, and Marianna Archundia, 23, both of Hawthorne, are accused of a delivery van in North Redondo Beach with 230 packages from Amazon and other online retailers. (Photo courtesy of the Redondo Beach Police Department via Instagram)

Two Hawthorne residents were arrested by Redondo Beach police on Thursday, Dec. 13, after reportedly stealing a delivery van from the 2000 block of Graham Avenue with approximately 230 packages inside, at around 2:50 p.m.

According to police, the van was stolen while the driver was making the delivery. Redondo Beach police later found the van in the 12500 block of Menlo Avenue in Hawthorne.

Arrested were Richard Aleman, 24, and Marianna Archundia, 23. They were charged with grand theft auto and grand theft over $950. Aleman was additionally charged with illegal use of a personal access card and identity theft. They were arraigned at the Torrance court on Dec. 17.

The suspects were reportedly seen removing numerous boxes that were marked with Amazon shipping tape into a nearby property. Both were detained without incident.

All of the packages, with an approximate value of $10,000, were recovered and returned along with the vehicle to the delivery company. Packages that were stolen included items from Amazon and other online retailers.

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