Crime Report

Manhattan Beach


A package was stolen from the victim's doorstep in the 4300 block of The Strand on Aug. 27. The incident was reportedly captured by a doorbell camera surveillance system.

Car burglary

A catalytic converter was stolen from a Toyota Prius in the 1800 block of 8th Street between Sept. 3 and 4.

Miscellaneous property was stolen from a car using a hidden access key at 26th Street and N. Ocean Drive on Aug. 28.

A cell phone and a wallet containing cash was stolen from a car in the El Porto parking lot on Aug. 29.

After a window was smashed, a purse was stolen from a car in the 3300 block of Highland Ave. on Sept. 4.

Vehicle theft

A Vespa scooter was stolen in the 1700 block of Marine Ave. on Sept. 5.

Residential burglary

Suspects in home burglary were scared away when the residents returned home in the 1700 block of 6th Street on at 3:10 a.m. on Aug. 26. The suspects reportedly fled out a rear window when they arrived. No loss was reported.

Jewelry was stolen from a home in the 800 block of 8th Street on Aug. 31.

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