Manhattan Beach

Liquor theft

Two suspects reportedly stole alcohol from a liquor display and fled from Vons, located at 410 Manhattan Beach Blvd., on March 20 at 5 p.m. A Manhattan Beach police officer attempted to stop the suspects but they fled. But one suspect was later apprehended while detectives were working to identify the suspects.

Watch theft

A watch valued at $37,000 was stolen in the 1100 block of Manhattan Ave. on March 19. Two men met at the location to conduct a transaction to purchase the watch. When the victim showed the watch to the suspect, the suspect stole the watch and ran to a waiting vehicle.

Car burglar arrest

The suspect in a string of “surfer burglaries” was arrested by Manhattan Beach detectives in the El Porto parking lot on March 16. According to police, the suspect was spotted near the parking lot where he was seen looking for keys to access vehicles. He was arrested and detained by detectives for car burglary and other offenses.


A suspect reportedly rammed a shopping cart into the victim's car during a verbal argument at the Manhattan Village Mall on March 14.

Redondo Beach

Residential burglary

Police responded to a call of a residential burglary in the 2200 block of Harriman Lane March 5. The victim returned from a vacation find his rear door open and several rooms within the residence ransacked. A crime scene investigation officer who processed the scene estimated a loss of over $13,000.

Resisting an officer with violence/force

Officers were dispatched to a grocery store in the 1500 block of Hawthorne Boulevard March 5 to handle a complaint of a lewd, male suspect walking around with his hands in his pants, harassing customers and refusing to leave. Police attempted to detain the suspect at the Galleria Mall, but he refused their orders and pushed an officer to the ground. Officers took the suspect to the ground and deployed a Taser to overcome his resistance. The suspect was transported to a hospital, medically cleared and then booked at the RBPD jail.

Trespass/Theft/Warrant arrest

Officers responded to a call made by a subject who alleged he was locked in a storage room in the rear of a business in the 200 Block of Avenue I March 9. After a brief search, officers heard someone banging on the exterior door of a storage area, opened the door and made contact with the reporting party. Further investigation determined the subject was a transient who had entered the room and began eating the food stored there by an attached restaurant but become locked in. The suspect was arrested for trespass, theft of food items and several warrants.

Felony Hit/Run and Strong Arm Robbery

Police responded to a robbery call from a business in the 1600 block of Kingsdale Avenue March 9. Two suspects had allegedly taken their three children into a Target store at the address, had the children fill up a shopping cart with items to steal and then used force to the steal items. The suspects attempted to flee in a vehicle with their children but collided with another car. The female suspect who had been driving the vehicle was transported to a local hospital, the male was booked into jail for robbery and the children were released to the Department of Family and Child Services after medical evaluation.


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