M’pressions owners Wayne and Naoko Page have offered unusual and spiritual gifts in Riviera Village for more than 20 years. They dove into their Redondo Beach business when a surf store offered a sub-lease and never looked back.

Today, according to Wayne Page, business has been increasing steadily for the last five years. “People are more generous with their spending now than they were before that, for sure,” said Page.

Page offers spiritual gifts, hand-crafted jewelry, candles, clothing, and accessories, as well as crystals, oils, and yoga wear.

M’pressions products are fair trade and environmentally friendly, and the shop promotes a respectful relationship between producers and buyers. Many of the shop’s items assist with developing sustainable communities to help alleviate global poverty from Nepal to Guatemala.

By offering fair trade items, it helps make the world a better place, Page said. Along with these quality, hand-crafted world items, M’pressions also offers the work of local artisans to support their own Redondo Beach neighborhood, and products the store crafts itself.

“We are always adding new things. What we have added that we hadn’t had as much presence for in the past are more crystals. Crystals have become much more mainstream and popular.

"Today it’s not just a select group of people who wear them. Everyone seems to be interested in purposeful jewelry, with more meaning behind it, something that’s more than just a fashion statement. That’s especially appealing to millennials,” he notes. He adds that the shop has been carrying crystals for years, but the boom in sales is more recent.

With that in mind, Page asserts that “We have always had spiritual kinds of gifts, but we have added to them. We’ve also started carrying our own lines, such as candles and oils. That’s helped us thrive with something that is exclusive to our store.”

According to Page “Private labels and exclusive lines are something a lot of people are drawn to, at least in part because of the Internet. They want something different. And as for us, we just need to start doing our own thing and not rely so much on the brand names anymore. That has been a trend for a lot of successful brick and mortar stores.”

He explains that private labeling is a way around Amazon and eBay, where customers are lost to discounts. “We had some companies that would use us as a showroom, and then offer the same products for less online. We wanted to avoid that.”

Looking toward the future, Page says private labels are the direction the shop is going, as well as stocking items from companies that only sell to brick and mortar stores, and have less of an online presence. “If they have a huge online presence, we tend to stay away. We don’t want big box, large company items that you’d see online or many other places.”

Shoppers can find the unusual and lovely gifts M’pressions offers daily. The store is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday and Monday, until 7 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday.

M’pressions is located at 1700 S. Catalina Ave. #104 in Redondo Beach. Call (310) 540-6115 or visit mpressionsonline.com.

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