0830 MB Asbestos

Students on the Mira Costa High School campus in 2015. 

The library at Mira Costa High School remains closed following an asbestos disturbance at the beginning of the school year last August.

As a result of the incident, several historical yearbooks dating back to 1950 that were being kept in the library had to be disposed of, according to Costa senior Genevieve Paraszczuk.

“We are starting to lose a big part of who Mira Costa is and what it was,” Paraszczuk said, noting the only remaining full set of yearbooks is in the principal’s office. “It’s harder to get our hands on yearbooks—especially the older ones.”

Paraszczuk, who is part of an ongoing project called the Mira Costa History Project to document the school’s happenings since its inception, said she is hoping members of the local community will be willing to donate their yearbooks or other historical memorabilia.

She said anyone interested in donating can reach out to miracostamemories@gmail.com

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