The eighth mural in the Hermosa Beach Murals Project, unveiled Tuesday at the parking structure at 13th and Hermosa Avenue, is a throwback to the 1970s and 80s.

Back then at the beach, music was punk and kids skateboarded or roller skated everywhere. And it all began at the old Baptist church on Manhattan Avenue, a popular hangout for the punk rock bands Descendants, Circle Jerks and Black Flag.

South Bay native and mural designer Daniel Inez said the images brought back a lot of memories, for himself, a 1991 Redondo Union grad and for people who stopped by while he was working. Founded by Chuck Sheldon in 2009, the Hermosa Beach Murals Project's goal is to fund 10 murals in 10 years.

Previous murals have depicted everything from beach volleyball culture to the birth of West Coast jazz at The Lighthouse.

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