Chloe and Brian Good opened Sub Society Incredible Sandwiches just last month, a family-owned and run sandwich shop in Rolling Hills Plaza that features recipes handed down through generations.

And, watch out. You might just get a post-it with a note of good cheer with your sandwich order.

The sandwich shop is the couple's first foray into the food industry after leaving behind corporate jobs.

“Brian and I have dreamt of owning a small business since we first met eight years ago," said Chloe, who grew up in the South Bay. "We wanted to have something successful to leave for our future children."

Both she and Brian, who hails from new York, have a passion for food and cooking, said Chloe. The pair gets help from Chloe's brother Randy.

“When we summoned the courage to jump in with both feet, we both decided to land on a sandwich shop," said Chloe. "We felt that the South Bay was lacking in sandwiches, and we wanted to bring something fun, unique and family owned.”

Along with an ample sandwich selection, Sub Society offers fresh soups and salads, and is planning a menu expansion.

Along with the tasty food, the Goods are also doing good. They use glass bottles instead of plastic, biodegradable products, and plastic salad containers recycled from water bottles.

“We’re trying to reduce and do our part for the environment,” said Chloe Good, who added it's worth the extra expense to purchase planet-friendly products.

They care about people, too.

"We’ve created bonds with people and made friendships in just the short months we’ve been open," said Chloe.

"For example, a customer we met once before came running in to order food, and wanted to let us know she was leaving the state for a little bit and that her cancer was gone," Chloe said. "We all hugged her and cried. We want people to feel special and loved, and we are able to do that here. We want to make peoples’ days happier.”

The couple gives food to the homeless and allowed an older patron to clean their windows for $50, then provided him with an ample meal and take-home ice cream they keep on hand just to “give out to kids and whoever wants it.”

Some of the shop’s most popular sandwiches are the Wise Guy, Brazilian Pot Roast, Lunch Lady and High Society, Good said.

“The names all came from us sitting around with our family making jokes. The Wise Guy is our Italian sandwich, we get the meats and cheese for this sandwich imported from Italy. It comes with our amazing marinated tomatoes—even people who dislike tomatoes fall in love with them.”

The Brazilian pot roast is a recipe passed down from Chloe's great great-grandmother. It’s created from certified Angus tri tip slow-cooked for six hours in hand-picked, ripe vine tomatoes.

“We put that meat into a 14-inch rustic French bread baguette with melted provolone, topped with fresh parmesan and freshly picked basil,” she said.

 The Lunch Lady is also a family recipe, featuring certified Angus ground beef slow-cooked; while The High Society is roasted turkey, thick-cut Applewood bacon, sharp white cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, and smashed avocado, topped with French-fried onions.

Chloe said opening the sandwich shop was stressful due to contractor issues, but the couple has no regrets.

“We are so happy we took the risk," said Chloe.

The shop is open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday; and from 11:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Friday-Monday.

Sub Society Incredible Sandwiches

25364 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance CA 90505

(424) 263-5811

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