South Bay musician Zeal Levin said music is like his church.

“This is where I can put forth some good into this crazy world we’re in and make it a little bit better of a place, so that’s sacred to me,” said Levin.

Born in Oakland, Levin loved music from a young age and was raised to give back to his community. His mother, Brooke, founded Earth Day clean-up in Oakland. He studied music in Santa Barbara and eventually made his way to Los Angeles five years ago.

In 2016, he released his debut album, “Sending Fire,” which was recorded at Studio 637 in Hermosa Beach. He also performed at the summer concerts in Hermosa Beach with his band after winning the Battle of the Beach competition at Saint Rocke, also in Hermosa Beach.

Levin, who currently performs at Watermans in Hermosa Beach every Thursday night from 7 to 9 p.m., then founded his latest band Triple Bueno in 2017.

“We’re all about spreading positivity, love and understanding through music and making the world a better place, whether that’s through doing charity events or just putting out music with a good message and trying to connect people to the moment,” Levin said.

Levin recently released a video for his original song, “All Damn Night,” which was recorded at Studio 637.

“It’s a live capture through my video camera’s microphone, so it’s not a studio mixed version,” said Levin of the video. “It’s just raw, exactly what was happening in the room.”

Levin considers himself a historian of music and uses all genres, from reggae to grunge, as influences in his music. He studied music for three years at Santa Barbara City College before transferring and earning a degree in religious studies at UC Santa Barbara. He also studied music for 10 years at Jazz Camp West.

Levin, who had lived in Manhattan Beach and El Segundo before moving to Lawndale more than a year ago, is expected to release a new acoustic video as well as singles with his band over the coming weeks. He is also finishing up a children’s album he is recording for his two younger sisters.

His band is currently working on a triple album with more than 30 songs.

“It’s like a big long mix tape,” Levin said.

Besides his gig at Watermans, Triple Bueno will open for Tim Reynolds on Nov. 15 at Saint Rocke.

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