In many of his acting gigs, Manhattan Beach native Maxwell Hamilton played the jerk, the frat guy who gets a much needed punch in the face. Even Frodo Baggins, a.k.a Elijah Wood, got a shot at him in the Netflix's “I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore” in 2017, which was also Hamilton's first feature film.

But in his latest role, Hamilton plays the good guy in the spy spoof, “Michael Blunt,” which screens at the Hollywood Comedy Shorts Festival Saturday, April 21, beginning at 5 p.m., during the “Spoof” section of the festival.

“I was really excited because this was the first time in a while that I played a protagonist,” Hamilton said. “The adult Michael Blunt is very cool calm, think James Bond. We’re obviously spoofing the classic spy movie ... but then when he says 'I’ve been training for this my entire life,' which always transitions to a flashback, where he’s the complete opposite.”

“Michael Blunt” started with a comedy sketch group, 2KSlam, out of UCLA, where Hamilton studied theater, film and television, and his friend Alex Vergel, who wrote it as short sketch. With co-writers Kimia Behpoornia and Kyle Lau, “Michael Blunt” was expanded and Hamilton was asked to play the lead character, who goes from an “absolute dork” in high school to a “cool spy character.”

“Michael Blunt” was shot in Lake Arrowhead over a weekend in May 2016 under the direction of Vergel and Lau. It was filmed at Bruin Woods, a summer camp run by the UCLA Alumni Association.

Hamilton, who graduated from Rolling Hills Preparatory School, played locally in the band Slow Kids at Play, said he feels Vergel and Lau's comedy style separates them from the pack, especially in some of the comedy skits that are online.

“They would go the extra mile and get a little weirder, but that’s what I always like about their sense of humor,” said Hamilton. “It stands out from a lot of this stuff I've see on YouTube.”

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