For the Caine family, music has been in the blood for generations.

Lawyer turned Mira Costa High School teacher and baseball coach Andy Caine, whose father and grandfather were musicians and songwriters, recently released his first single and EP. The longtime Manhattan Beach resident's sons, Connor and Nolan, are also releasing new music this year.

“Nolan and Connor have dedicated their lives to music ... that inspired me to get off my ass and do what I wanted to do,” said Andy.

“When I See You Now” is Andy's first single off the five-song EP, “Reaching Out, Reaching In.” Three of the songs are social commentary, another a love song and a song of introspection, according to Andy.

“I like to talk about uniting people and making the world a better place ... the central theme is taking care of each other,” he said.

Andy had the help of his son Connor and his musician friends in virtually every aspect of making the EP. Connor, a 2012 Mira Costa High School graduated who went to Tulane University, aided his father with songwriting, singing background and with arrangement.

“I moved to New Orleans for school and that's how I figured out a process and approach to art that took it to another level for me,” Connor said.

But Connor embraced the musical culture of New Orleans and asked his musician friends from Tulane to help Andy on his new music.

“I finished up some songs that I had been writing ... and brought a bunch of young guys in their 20s who are amazing musicians and brought them in the studio,” Andy said.

He added, “I learned a lot from watching their work ethic ... a lot of it is fundamentals of composition, but more than anything else it's their passion, just the concept of they had these ideas and then they want to get them out.”

Andy's oldest son Nolan also helped with the new music. Nolan graduated from Mira Costa in 2008 and is a musician and sound engineer in Denver. His band, Kessel Run, released its first EP in February, followed by a Midwest tour. Nolan played organ on the song “Reaching Out.”

“Nolan hasn't lived at home for a long time,” Andy said. “With him it was him hearing bits and pieces. I would talk to him on the phone and occasionally go to Denver and watch him play.”

Andy practiced law for 25 years and then took a hiatus to teach history at Mira Costa in 2007. He taught and coached baseball for six years, from Nolan's senior year through Connor's senior year. He back to practicing law to pay for their college. He's returning to teach at Mira Costa for the 2019-2020 school year.

“Teaching is a passion of mine,” Andy said.

Before the school year starts though, Andy will be working on his other passion: music. He expects to release this next single during the summer.

Connor's project of new music is also expected this summer. He's also founded a studio with a fellow Tulane student as an “incubator” for artists. They will be writing for and producing other musicians. They will also play the instruments for someone's project as well.

“It's really hard as an artist to have all the skills to take something from an idea to a finished product,” Connor said.

While music is in their blood, their style of music is different from each other. Andy gravitates more to the R&B, soul and rock vibe, while Connor is more R&B, hip-hop inspired. Nolan's music is progressive electronic funk with no vocals.

“That's the beauty of it,” said Connor of their music.

“We try to support each other as much as we can,” Andy said.

Andy said he continues to be inspired by his sons.

“It takes a lot of guts for these guys to pursue music as a career because you never know where the rents getting paid," said Andy. "Gigs are irregular.”

Andy's middle son, Josh, also contributed by creating the cover art for his single and EP.

Andy's music is available through streaming services including SoundCloud.

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