Sharkie Zartman is a wellness expert, coach, professor and an athlete. Now, she's also the editor of and contributor to the newly released book, "Empowered Aging: Expert Advice on Staying Healthy, Vital and Active."

The book compiles advice from leading aging experts. Like Zartman, all are South Bay residents.

Zartman is the author of two previous books, "Take on Aging as a Sport" and "Have Fun Getting Fit." She also holds degrees in kinesiology and instructional technology. She was inspired to create this book with a team of experts.

“I am passionate about helping people live a healthy, vital life regardless of age. I thought it would be powerful and also fun to bring in experts in their respective fields to each write a chapter. It was definitely a team effort with all of the authors working together and with me on the production of this book, and I am thrilled with the results.”

As a former All-American athlete and award-winning volleyball coach, Zartman used an athletic model for publishing the book. She served as the “captain” with the other authors as team members. According to Zartman, the book is an Amazon Best Seller, and hit #1 in the category Exercise and fitness for the aging.

The first section of the book focuses on reframing beliefs about aging, retirement and downsizing, said Zartman. The second section discusses taking care of the body with nutrition, resistance training, cross training, new innovations for joint health, heart scans and balance. The last section focuses on integrative medicine, holistic brain health and homeopathy.

Thirteen authors, most of them doctors, contributed to the book. Zartman has known them all for a long time. Among them are orthopedic surgeon William Stetson, who offers advice on aging joints; Dr. Thomas Storer, a chief exercise physiologist; and Mylaine Riobe, M.D., who explains why integrative medicine is the missing link to successful aging.

Zartman attributes the reason for writing the book to her chiropractor, Dr. Dom Scott.

"I told him once that he should write a book since he always explains what’s going on in a person’s body while he is doing his adjustments," said Zartman. "He said that he didn’t have the time, but I asked if he could write a chapter. He said yes, and that was the birth of this book.”

Some of the authors Zartman had interviewed on her radio show, Sharkies PEP Talk.

“I always grill my guests to get the best information I can for my listeners, and I knew they would be able to write awesome chapters,” she said.

Zartman wants readers to know they’re in good hands with the advice offered in her book, and that there is something for everyone between its covers. The book focuses on the positive aspects of aging, stressing what can be done to stay healthy and vital.

For Zartman, living in the beach cities is a part of the picture.

“I have lived in the South Bay for most of my life, and have loved not only living in such a vibrant community, but also being so close to the ocean.  I’m out there most mornings walking along the shore,” she explains.

“We are lucky to live here, and I hope that people take advantage of all the South Bay has to offer. Instead of complaining about aging or anything else, we should give thanks every day for being able to live here.”

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