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Hill Night Starry Sky The Bonfire via Creative Commons

ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

 Truth is a like a spotlight. It lets you know full well what is in front of you and it keeps your Soul from dragging its feet. Mercury may be retrograde but as it merges with the Sun on Monday, Nov.11, it will allow you to cut to the quick of something so a clearer vision can pave the way. There is a loaded energetic field that is generating an evolutionary push, especially concerning your intimate relationships, as your ruler Mars in Libra has been squaring Pluto. There is no sitting this one out and the energy continues throughout the weekend. Fortunately, the heat will progressively simmer just as Mars finds Jupiter which generates enormous support. Jupiter will remind you of the opportunities that exist when you are honest with yourself and others as he expands your horizons exponentially when you follow a path of authenticity. Any deviations of this line of truth and you will experience a course correction like a dog being yanked by a chain. Mercury retrogrades back in Scorpio and joins the Sun on Monday, Nov. 11, to illuminate something hidden that equals a valuable piece of information that can lead to a greater feeling of empowerment. Loving Venus is in fellow fire sign Sagittarius as well which means there will be plenty of things to give you good reason to smile.
Keep raising the bar and giving your all. The rewards for your determination could very well be staggering!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21] 

With your ruler Venus now in fun-loving Sagittarius, it can take the edge off of that mounting intensity that has come with so many planets in Scorpio recently, and show you the humor within some of the things that you have taken so seriously. It will lighten the inner load and grant you with the right spirit to see things through, allowing your Soul to relax around all that has been causing so much undue stress. Action Mars and generous Jupiter will also be uniting in beneficial ways in the coming week and will grant you access to greater joy even if you are forced to be working around the clock. Mercury is retrograding back in Scorpio and will join the Sun on Monday, Nov. 11, revealing a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’, an experience that will make a recent setback worth your while. You may be experiencing a tremendous feeling of overwhelm but it will be offset by better days and a timely breakthrough.  This week looks and feels very different than the last.

Keep your eye on the goal and keep chipping away at the dream, you will reach a notable benchmark soon!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

There has been far too much on your plate Gemini. In many cases, your body and Soul has been pushed beyond its limit and has worn on you. With action Mars in fellow air sign Gemini, your have enjoyed a surge of energy to go after your dream but the recent square to Pluto generated more pressure than was comfortable. There may also be one lingering issue that you have been wrestling with and it remains a source of concern. It’s similar to a doctor who is unable to reach a correct diagnosis and this uncertainty has been gnawing at you. However, this week, the missing ingredient will be found when your ruler Mercury retrogrades back to merge with the Sun on Monday, Nov. 11 in your house of health and habits. To add to this week's energetic bounty, Mars is forming a favorable link to abundant Jupiter, which means you are bound to benefit from someone who either holds the key to your heart or the key to something you have put your heart and Soul into. Loving Venus is also now in your house of relationships allowing you to attract others who make you feel out of this world.

An increase in magnetism is very soon going to be a good problem to have!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

When you are forced to wait, it can activate a worrying mind. Waiting in wonder is not easy, especially when your hands are tied and you are not sure what the results will be or what someone else is going to do in that space of time. Action Mars is traveling through Libra in your house of the emotional body, and has been squaring karmic Pluto, energizing a vulnerability and feeling of insecurity, which has you musing about what and who you can trust, including yourself. It is healthy and necessary to emotionally work through these tender corners of concern and in time, the truth of these questions will be told. Mercury, the planet of communication, has also been retrograde in fellow water sign Scorpio but will join the Sun on Monday, Nov. 11, to energize a greater feeling of empowerment as a result of proving your worth to the world. Action Mars is moving into an ideal angle to expansive Jupiter this entire week, suggesting wherever you make a determined effort and energize faith in yourself, there is great promise.

Trust in the pure power of your Souls desires and others will trust it too!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

The truth is, you perform better when you are on the edge. It’s like an actor seconds before the curtains open or the camera starts rolling. An anticipatory anxiety accompanies this experience and it brings your Soul up to its performing heights. It forces you to rise to another level of your potential as you bring your very best to that moment. Why? Because all eyes are on you and because this kind of attention taps into your desire to manifest and maximize a special feeling of destiny. You want to know that you left nothing in reserve. Action Mars is in Libra, in your house of expression, and is progressively aligning with Jupiter to produce the kind of outpouring that only your heart can produce. Mercury is retrograding back in Scorpio to join your ruler, the sun, as well on Monday, Nov. 11, and it may tap into an old fear but by stepping into the center of the feeling it will go far to empower you up and out of its hold.

With loving Venus now in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, others will be attracted to your light, and in one way or another, love is certain to find its way to your heart’s door!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

Your ruler Mercury is retrograding back to join the Sun in Scorpio on Monday, Nov. 11, in your house of communication and how you express yourself. It will activate interests to try new things, especially if you feel they will further your evolution or your ability to go to greater depths intimately. There is a real push now to lead you further onto life’s stage and while we all know how humble and shy you can be, know that your voice and your presence can make a considerable impact. Loving Venus is in ‘happy-go-lucky’ Sagittarius which can free you up emotionally and invite more joy where there has been hardship. This feeling may emerge in the simplest of spaces reminding you of how much power a moment can hold whether you are fortunate enough to capture a glorious sunset or you are getting caught in a down pour without an umbrella. Action Mars is moving into a heart opening aspect to Jupiter in the coming week, allowing you to tap into the beauty of your inherent nature and offer this gift to others.

One simple gesture of love and they will want nothing more than to generously grant you this gift in return!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

Warrior Mars has been in your sign since early October, and while it has generated plenty of passion and steam, it has thrown you into a hairpin turn in your evolutionary journey. It has definitely made you feel more alive but it has not been without its stress and strain, in particular linked with power plays in relationships that can trigger fears of loss and concerns regarding what the future holds. Mercury is retrograding back to join the sun in Scorpio on Monday, Nov. 11, shining a light upon where you can gain greater financial security or recover resources that were yours in the first place. Thankfully, you are on the upswing now, starting with loving Venus in Sagittarius feeding your thoughts with more optimism and belief in yourself. In addition, Mars in your sign is moving into a highly opportunistic position to generous Jupiter, to help you not just get your way but take something all the way to your extraordinary benefit. Conversations and outreach of any kind can become fruitful and fortunate now so follow your strong instinct for it will lead you down a path of prosperity.

So much so, it could fuel a forever feeling of gratitude!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

It is your birthday month and with it comes deep contemplation about the past and how you measured up, as well as what you wish for in the coming year. Mercury is retrograde in your sign and will re-merge with the Sun on Monday, Nov. 11, energizing new life with respect to your creative life purpose and the very reason your Soul is walking this plane of existence. There may have been more ground to cover or old ground to return to before you knew how to best move forward, and this week you discover why it was so crucial to slow your steps. Just before the weekend, the Sun in your sign connects with Saturn in secure ways to shine a light on an endeavor that can support you for the long run and one that can stand the test of time. Action Mars has been squaring your ruler Pluto, creating the experience of having your ego and Soul on different pages. However, Mars moves on to partner with generous Jupiter this week and it has you experiencing an ethereal force that brings you swiftly back into balance. This invisible tuning fork will prove to be a Godsend.

Magic follows!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

The best kind of kindling is truth. Any other kind and that fire will eventually burn out. All it takes to keep that flame alive is some oxygen of acknowledgment. Mars, the planet of desire, is traveling through Libra and moving into an angle of immense support to your ruler Jupiter, in your sign. Mars also energizes a strong instinct which means your own personal truth will be speaking to you through this inner heat and you will have no other choice but to fan those flames and follow them further. Loving Venus is also now in your sign and she will surely remind you of all the sugar available as opposed to the bitter taste that life can bring. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is allowing you to travel deeper into your memory bank so you can uncover the pearls that your Soul is counting on you to recover. There are just some things you cannot afford to leave behind. As the trends force you to downshift some, Mercury merges with the Sun on Monday, Nov. 11, and you find that the slowing down and the turning in allows you to open all the way up. With this greater inner awareness in place, it will lead to a more authentic life. Deepen your steps so you can quicken your pace.

The Sun is coming!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

Your ruler Saturn is in your sign and forming a superior angle of support to heavenly Neptune in Pisces on Saturday, Nov. 9. I say ‘superior’ because Neptune is the planet of dreams and ultimate meaning. This combo allows you to tune into the galactic pulse in a way that has you less attached to what happens in the material world and more invested in what you can do as a Soul to support your eternal journey. When you surrender to larger forces, a miraculous feeling of freedom occurs. It will be eons and long after you are gone before these two planets will align in this way again, So ask yourself this simple question, “What can I do in this very moment to encourage this kind of release?” As soon as you let go of your hold, a door you never knew existed could very well swing wide open. Action Mars is in Libra in your house of ambitions and is aligning harmoniously with generous Jupiter this week, suggesting there is an invisible giant who is ready to pull some levers on your behalf.

Look to the sky and just say when!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

Mars, the planet of action and desire, has been barreling through fellow air sign Libra which has been fueling you with plenty of energy to accomplish what you set your mind to. However, as of late, Mars has been squaring penetrating Pluto, forcing you to pull the weeds in your life out by the roots. It has also exposed the agendas of others and reminded you of the essential need to see people clearly versus taking someone’s word for it. With Mercury in Scorpio retrograding back to join the Sun on Monday, Nov. 11, you will be asking for the proof you need and getting it, allowing for a feeling of security you can trust. The best of this week’s trends however, is that Mars will be flying in tandem with generous Jupiter to help you manifest a positive new vista in the distance, one that expands the landscape of your potential. Swift growth clears the air and elevates your climb, as well as your outlook.

You won’t believe your eyes!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

You are pulling through a high pressure turn with warrior Mars squaring powerful Pluto, one that has stretched your Soul and beyond. It may have felt like you could not take one more thing, and yet with Saturn forming a stabilizing angle to your ruler Neptune, there is dependable support that you can lean on as well as arms where you can find refuge. The dreams you are energizing now are realistic and well-founded and beyond that, they are probable because of the way you have devoted your energy and time. You deserve this, Pisces. Mercury in fellow water sign Scorpio retrogrades back to join the Sun on Monday, Nov. 11, to grant you further confirmation of this vision which will feel like a ticket to your future. While Mas has recently been in great stress, he is forming a tremendous angle of support to benevolent Jupiter in your house of the public self, granting you a well-earned and timely leg up that allows you to escalate and ascend, this time without interruption.

Take a wild leap of faith and you will land on top!

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