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Hill Night Starry Sky The Bonfire via Creative Commons

ARIES [Mar 21 - Apr 19]

No matter what is going on in your world, if you bridle the energy this week, you can steer your life in either a new direction or you can experience far more productivity than you have had in quite some time. Start by asking yourself what you want. What is driving you Aries? Not from an ego level, but far more deeply? Your ruler Mars is in Taurus in an area that governs essential needs. It also energizes areas of earning and those things that you value most. Mars is forming a strong angle of support to Saturn in Capricorn as we initiate this forecast week which is contributing a strong energy of ambition to build upon the climb of your career. Mars will follow with the same angle of support to Pluto, the planet of the Soul, on Wednesday, March 20, pulling you more in step with the sound of a deeper drum beat. Mercury is retrograde in Pisces until March 28 and will not finally enter Aries until April 17, so it may take until then to really feel as if spring has sprung. You will however be feeling motivated and inspired as a result of a certain foundation that is being laid.

The strides you make in the next few weeks will contribute greatly to the future you wish to build, so be sure to give every inch your all!

TAURUS [Apr 20 - May 21]

The key to making significant progress in life can be in knowing when the planets are aligned to benefit you, so you know when to go “all in”. Mercury is retrograde in Pisces until the end of the month, but there is prominent planetary energy to not only match your efforts but to help you double down so you can take something all the way. Action Mars is in your sign and he is forming a rock solid angle to Saturn in fellow earth sign Capricorn at the onset of this forecast week, granting you a greater feeling of security in the direction you are naturally feeling drawn to take your life. An analogy would be similar to a student exploring different options for college but feeling a stronger pull to one in particular. Your intuition is fail safe, use it. Mars then finds Pluto with the same confidence next week, creating an optimal continuum of energy between now and Friday, March 22. Mercury is retrograde in Pisces until March 28, but this retreat will prove to open innovative doors and remove any feeling of limitation. It is free to dream, so take advantage of the invitation.

It is certain lead you somewhere grand!

GEMINI [May 22 - Jun 21]

With your ruler Mercury retrograde in Pisces in your house of career, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that is swimming around on your plate. This would be an ideal time to take things down a notch so you can recover a semblance of balance Fortunately, there is tremendous energy in the ethers to help you do just that. Most of the real strength for you in the next ten days will occur behind the scenes, which means more-so on the inner planes. When we are inwardly at peace, then life naturally falls into better place. Mars is in your house of dreams and is aligning with brilliance to Saturn in your house of empowerment as we move into this forecast week, but this energy carries you well into the weekend. Mars then aligns to Pluto in the same way on Wednesday, March 20, but you may already be feeling the magnetism now. It’s a bit like Saturn passing the baton to Pluto with the energy of Mars fueling these planets to perform at their best. This means too that you are destined to perform at your very best in an area that is linked with driving your Soul forward.

Venus is also in fellow air sign Aquarius luring you into a novel zone. Take the bait and your consciousness will experience a desireable sweet spot!

CANCER [Jun 22 - Jul 22]

The water is warm and inviting this week Cancer. Mercury may be retrograde in fellow water sign Pisces but he is helping you recover more of your nature as he has you bathing in memories of a time when you felt more whole and complete, even if those memories were from another lifetime. Mars is currently in Taurus, giving you the focus and the determination you need to put the pieces of your power back together with his strong trine to Saturn and then to Pluto in the coming week. This will also go far to repair key connections as you find an alternate entry point and express evidence of your desire to help a relationship grow and prosper. Conscious emotional maturation will equal a big evolutionary leap for you Cancer and it is what those cherished connections now require. In the past what has held you back is a fear of being vulnerable, but this week you find your strength in spades and it has a way of reeling someone all the way in.

Prepare to experience the true light of your holy potential!

LEO [Jul 23 - Aug 22]

Enough of the material world, you are going deep. Mercury is retrograde in Pisces in the house of the Soul and it is having a way of getting you in touch with what holds eternal meaning versus the temporary fix. You are coming to realize how nothing outside of you can come close to filling the inner void, or if it does, it is fleeting. Because of this fact, your focus is morphing. Mars is in Taurus and working to help secure a new way forward as he aligns with Saturn in Capricorn to present you with long lasting benefits as a result of focusing on the simple things and often over looked details. Mars will follow with a favorable trine to empowering Pluto, to help you more deeply align with work you feel will benefit the planet because of your touch, your time and your influence. Everything that crosses your path this month will be giving you a taste of evolution, including the upside to digging in and rolling up your sleeves. It may feel to be humbling in places but where it all leads will have you wishing you could do it all over again if the opportunity presented itself, It reminds me of being in the middle of labor. The pain was like nothing I have ever experienced, but as soon as the doctor put my baby in my arms, my next words were “I can’t wait to do this again.” Some things are worth everything.

Euphoria awaits!

VIRGO [Aug 23 - Sep 22]

Review and reflect before completely committing to something. With your ruler Mercury retrograde in your house of relationships, there may be many moments when you will need to express whether or not a key connection is up to snuff and meeting your needs. I recently heard from a Virgo client that she was preparing to move in with her boyfriend. This will be her first time having this kind of experience and while she literally cannot wait to have greater proximity to him, she is quickly learning their different basic needs may make living together a challenge. He runs hot and she runs cold, so how will they navigate the temperature in the flat? Mars in fellow earth sign Taurus is going to give her, and thus you, the edge as he aligns with convincing strength to Saturn in fellow earth sign Capricorn. Mars follows with the same angle of support to Pluto the middle of next week. If you need things to be a certain way in order to experience more harmony within yourself and thus warmth within a connection, then step in and speak up. This trend is optimal for securing your commitments and for feeling more confident wherever your heart is concerned. You may additionally feel encouraged you to take a greater leap in areas linked with your creative life purpose as the skies are sure to secure a win.

You are soon to be recognized and noticed. Show them the full breadth of all that you bring!

LIBRA [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

With your ruler Venus’ shift into fellow air sign Aquarius, it has allowed you to create a space between something that has felt to be emotionally swallowing you whole. This will not only grant you a healthier perspective, it will open avenues for opportunity in your creative pursuits and/or if you have children, it may energize support in their personal endeavors. With Mercury retrograde in your house of improvements, it is asking you to pay attention to the details in your life as I mentioned last week, for the answer you seek is sitting within something that may appear insignificant. Thankfully, courageous Mars is in earth sign Taurus in your house of the Soul and harmonizing boldly with Saturn early on and then Pluto by the middle of next week, creating one powerful circuit to keep your emotions bolstered and your confidence brimming. When this kind of energy is in place, there is nothing you cannot accomplish.

Your Soul knows what it wants. It’s time you go after it as if it is already yours!

SCORPIO [Oct 24 - Nov 21]

It is a true corner-turning time Scorpio. Willful Mars is in your opposite sign and getting you out of the house and into the world. At the very least he is connecting you with others who want the very same thing which will have a way of strengthening your bond. Mars marches into this week with a fiercely supportive trine to Saturn, to help further secure a relationship for the long haul. Mars will then trine your ruler the middle of next week, giving you a solid ten days of undeniable fuel to take your life to another level of living. What I have learned over the many years of looking into the cosmos for guidance, is that the Soul can benefit big by taking advantage of timely energetic windows. This would be one of those windows. Mercury is retrograde in fellow water sign Pisces until March 28, which will help you recover more love for something that you thought was beyond your reach. It is in fact the love you are recovering that will allow something to be possible at all. Passion unlocks the door.

Upon entry, a vision for your potential future will be undressed and unveiled!

SAGITTARIUS [Nov 22 - Dec 21]

At times it takes experiencing a sense of urgency before you are able to pull out all the stops and make something fly. You have a knack for covering every little detail this week which is certain to contribute to your success. Action Mars is in Taurus and forming impressive angles of strength to Saturn right out of the gates, granting you with a strong spirit of determination that nothing will be able to penetrate. Mars follows with the same angle of influence to Pluto the following week, giving you significant time to lay down a certain foundation that you need to support your future. Your commitment is unwavering now, so keep leaning into this key transition and continue to work with a dedicated focus. Being persistent and efficient becomes optimal. These efforts will allow an emotional light to materialize and shine on the road ahead. The Sun and Mercury retrograde merge in Pisces on Thursday, March 14, and align with heavenly grace to the North Node, the symbol for your destiny,. Life’s breakthroughs materialize when you continue to chip away at something even if it feels like you aren’t getting anywhere. Keep showing up and do it anyway.

You are about to witness exactly what I mean!

CAPRICORN [Dec 22 - Jan 19]

Your energy is due to increase and be sustained with warrior Mars forming an ideal angle to your ruler Saturn right at the get-go this week. Mars will continue to offer an energetic lift throughout the weekend and will then move on to forming the same angle of support to Pluto, the planet of empowerment, which will be exact on Wednesday, March 22. This is activating your house of new beginnings and with Mars in fellow earth sign Taurus, this is sure to stir some deep passion, giving your heart a charge about someone or something. Mercury is still retrograde in Pisces until March 28, but his position this week is going to help you express what you haven’t spoken clearly enough about in the past. It can offer more healing and clearing and it can go far to repair some of the broken lines of communication that have haunted you in the past. Let Mars lead you into the land of what your heart desires most.

You are set to secure it this week!

AQUARIUS [Jan 20 - Feb 19]

Loving Venus has landed in your sign and she will gift you plenty to be grateful for as long as you do not take a morsel for granted. Action Mars is in Taurus in your house of home and the emotional body and he is forming angles of elevation to Saturn and Pluto in the coming week, offering you a glimpse of the impossible becoming possible. This can show you the power of your ability to influence outcomes when your emotions are directed with pure intent. The trends this week are fertilizing your inner landscapes and giving you props for making that evolutionary climb. You have been known to easily detach when too much emotion is required but this week you are forced to stay in the center of something and you realize that it is in this very center where ultimate strength can be harnessed. Mercury retrogrades back to the Sun in Pisces on Thursday, March 14, and together they seamlessly align to the North Node to offer a practical way through the overwhelm.

Instill your trust in the invisible realm and it will back you miraculously!

PISCES [Feb 19 - Mar 20]

You are circling back to re-consider your way forward as Mercury stopped at the final degree of Pisces and reversed directions last week. Mercury will be retrograde until March 28, but there will be tell-tale signs revealing the most ideal way to direct your compass between now and then. For starters, action Mars in Taurus is in your house of breakthroughs as we enter this forecast week and is forming an unbreakable bond with Saturn, the planet governing contracts and formal agreements. The almighty Sun and Mercury retrograde merge in Pisces on Thursday, March 14, and reach out to the North Node in fellow water sign Cancer with precision, suggesting your emotional body is going to show you the right way forward with unsinkable certainty. At times it’s an overly idealistic nature along with the tenderness of your heart that can get the better of you, but in the next ten days, life will be aligning in ways you can trust.

Go the distance Pisces, and you are sure to experience a little more heaven here on Earth!

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