When the Hermosa Beach Artist Collective was founded nearly two years ago, their goal was to find a home to showcase local artistic talent of all ages for a broader Hermosa Beach audience.

Rafael McMaster, who co-founded the original group, said the collective has broaden its horizons and has since been renamed the South Bay Artist Collective. McMaster said the art exhibit, “Indivisible,” which opens Saturday, Sept. 8, from 4 to 9 p.m., at Resin Gallery in Hermosa Beach, showcases that growth with more than 40 artists participating.

“Indivisible” highlights the unification of the local art scene, according to McMaster.

“Together as an art community we can do amazing things, as individuals the struggle is real,” McMaster said. “It’s really hard to make it as an artist, near impossible. It’s hard to put together shows, it’s hard to have a standing gallery where you can have stuff showing all the time. But as a team, we’re looking at all of the positive benefits and the huge upside of working together as a community.”

When Hermosa Beach Artist Collective was co-founded with artist Mike Collins, who opened ShockBoxx Gallery in Hermosa Beach in 2017, their goal was to have a showcase for local artists, a place where artists can share ideas and resources and have an outlet for budding artists at schools.

Since then, schools like Mira Costa High School, Manhattan Beach Middle School and Pennekamp Elementary School, all in Manhattan Beach, reached out to see if the Collective could help with space for student exhibits.

“We realized we were being of service for youth, to have a place to show artwork for the community, for artists to have a place to be able to become a community that’s open to everyone,” McMaster said.”So we found ourselves serving all of South Bay.”

“Indivisible,” which features work from all media, genres and styles, will include live music from DJ Eklektic, food and beverages, as well as a Virtual Realty Lab, where attendees can paint in a 3-dimensional space.

McMaster said they are happy to promote other art shows if they are in the area or not.

“We serve the same audience,” McMaster said. “Art really does unite us all.”

The Resin Gallery is located at 618 Cypress. The show is open Monday through Friday, from 4 to 9 p.m.

The exhibit runs through Saturday, Sept. 15, when they host a closing ceremony from 4 to 9 p.m.

For more information, visit hbartistcollective.org, or resinhb.com.

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