“Dumpster Fire,” a new exhibit at ShockBoxx in Hermosa Beach, opens Saturday, June 8, from 7 to 9 p.m.

The exhibit features 14 of ShockBoxx's program artists.

"Our program artists are consistently bringing heat to group shows,” said ShockBoxx co-founder Mike Collins. “The best formula right now is to pick up the phone and ask them to bring whatever they want. While always different, the work influences and reflects a dialogue that is growing in sass and strength."

Artist Sarah Svetlana said about her work for “Dumpster Fire,” “I've realized I paint better when my eyes are almost closed.”

“A recent emotional breakdown has caused my marks to become more frantic, yet focused,” she said. “It is that emotional rollercoaster you never knew you wanted to ride, ya know?" 

The newest addition to ShockBoxx, Rebeka Montoya, is bringing her largest work ever to the show.

"I love this piece so much that I have a strange connection to it,” Montoya said. “ShockBoxx gave me the space to work on a larger piece and it's special that the first showing happen here." 

ShockBoxx is located at 636 Cypress Ave.

For more information, visit shockboxxproject.com.

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